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A father-daughter dance — in jail

"Everyone is on their best behavior. The fathers pull out their daughters’ chairs and rise when their daughters come back to their seats after being away, manners they learned in their fathering class. Some huddle and share family and schools news. One daughter charms her dad into promising she can have a summer pass to Kings Dominion.

But then “The Wobble” comes on and that gets everyone moving and laughing — for a few minutes, the event turns into a silly, sloppy dance party. “Dad!” Alexis laughs, like any daughter embarrassed by seeing her father busting loose. And then she joins in, jumping forward, leaning to the right and waving her hands in the air. 

 But when it’s time to leave, even the jail guards, some crying, say they feel the ache. The inmates and their daughters all get their photographs in paper frames to keep.”

Photos by Marvin Joseph, story by Emily Wax

This is fucking beautiful. 

this is fucking beautiful. im over here getting teary eyed reading this. this not only helps the kids with their relationships with that parent. but it also helps the inmate. having support and building relationships with those on the outside (especially with family members) helps with the rehabilitation that the system isnt providing. because lets face it, our prison system (and probably every one in the world) is a fucking joke. you treat them as animals and then release them into the world and think they are suppose to forget about that year, 2yrs, 5yrs, 10yrs they just spent living a certain way. 

A father will forever love his children

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Black moms at their finest

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